Words by Beth Warren 

The Delta Tour, wow, I recall the weeks leading up to the announcement of this breathtaking record and taking stock of the challenges we’d set ourselves. Announcing shows at the same time as a new record isn’t unusual, but a world tour, preparing for 60 shows, ultimately playing to 800,000 people with an ambitious in-the-round production and a determination to try and reduce the impact of secondary ticketing as much as we could in advance is a huge undertaking. Watching those 800,000 tickets go on sale and working to ensure they stayed in the hands of genuine fans was a round-the-clock job.  

The anticipation and build up when it comes to taking a new show on the road is always adrenaline fuelled, full of pride and often nerves.  The first night is always a test in its own way and you find yourself really watching the fans watching the band. There’s always a rousing joy to a Mumford & Sons show and as the machine rolled around the world breaking several capacity records along the way, the huge sense of achievement can’t be ignored or forgotten.  Insert festivals, takeovers and Gentlemen Of The Road events and it’s hard to envisage a band working harder or more tirelessly for their audience.